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Receive notification whenever your IP address changes! Enter your email address and we will do the rest. Your IP
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3 May 2013

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This tool helps keep track of the external IP address for you.

This application sends you a notification mail whenever your external IP address changes. This often happens when the ISP you are connecting to, assigns an IP address dynamically whenever you connect. This application is available for both the Windows and Mac platforms. It is sold as a private label product too when, you could integrate it or rebrand it and sell the product. To make using it easy, the tool is available with an interface that can be set to a number of languages. These include English, Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish. All you have to do to start receiving notifications is to enter your email address to the software. It detects changes in internal IP addresses also due to network changes or if you change the IP address assignments because of some administrative reasons.

It can not only send an email to you but notify a website to run an app if your IP changes. Thus, it is possible this program will automatically run a script and close any programs, when the address changes. The current IP address is displayed near the tray for you to keep track. The address monitoring can be set for intervals a small as 1 minute. The IP address is displayed in decimal and the standard 4 groups of numbers. It is easy to use. But, to use it fully, you need to be aware of what exactly you need to do when the IP address changes. This is a good tool, if you have a need.

Publisher's description

Receive notification whenever your IP address changes!
Enter your email address and we will do the rest. Your IP address is also displayed
within the software and near the clock for easy access.
Your IP address can be sent to you using up to three methods:
1) Your email account
2) A URL on your website
3) An application via the command line
Supports both external and internal IP address changes. You can setup the app to receive notifications whenever one or both addresses change.
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IP Notification
IP Notification
Version 4.5
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